Our Client Stories



“Boosting her confidence to heal her feet ....” 

Samantha came into the salon nervously and asked for a pedicure service. She described her feet were in bad shape and had thick nails. After examining her toes nails, I noticed an abundance of dead skin build up around the toes. I also noticed discoloration around her nails due to extended poor treatment and dead skin that built up over time. I soaked her feet in the water for 10 minutes, used brush and soap to clean all the dead skin. Then I used electric nail files to file down thick nails and started to clean up the area. After an hour pedicure treatment her toenails totally transformed into soft and healthy looking nails. She looked at her feet and almost cried. She has never experienced such a personalized and healing treatment for her feet before. I suggested for her to come monthly for pedicure to maintain healthy and consistent treatment for her feet. She agreed to come back every month to get a pedicure. A year later, her toenails were completely beautiful and she was able to apply colors every time she had a pedicure. She trusted us with pedicure service so much that she decided to use our other signature services. In addition to her nails treatment this client now comes regularly for her eyebrow waxing, tinting and back skin treatment. Although it was a bit of a challenge of this client to ask for help with her feet treatment initially, she has become loyal repeat client who is motivated to treat herself with the signature services that OPN has to offer.



Sarah’s beautiful makeover…

Sarah came to OPN to get a pedicure and manicure services; she was young and cheerful. While getting her pedicure manicure she saw clients walking out the door with beautiful lash extension. She was wondering if it would look good on her. I explained to her how we do eye lash extensions at OPN and how it helps woman feel more confident and beautiful.   They save so much time in the morning with beautiful eye lashes without any effort.  She reluctantly booked the appointment and asked to have the service with me. While Sarah was laying down the SPA treatment bed, she was in tears and started sharing the anxiety she is experiencing in her personal life.   Her husband was divorcing her and threatening to take custody of her 4 year old daughter.  Her mother was verbally abusive. She has lost the motivation to look after herself.  She was feeling fearful, unworthy, dependent, fragile and vulnerable.  I have listened quietly while I was working on her eye lash extensions. I couldn’t believe how a beautiful, cheerful women could be so mistreated to a point of eliminating her confidence.  When I meticulously completed her eye lash extensions, I carefully helped her to get up.  I told her how beautiful she looked and asked her not to take my word for it before looking at the mirror.  When she saw the results, she had cheerful tears and was so pleasantly surprised with her new look. She left the salon feeling so confident.  She had received an abundance of compliments for her family, friends and colleagues.  She was so overwhelmed that she has texted me to thank me and said she loved her new lashes and was felling so happy. Sarah was going through extremely difficult time that was impacting her existence.   When she walked through OPN’s doors, I have earned Sarah’s trust and this inspired to turn things around in her life.  She is now a regular clients who schedules her appointments in advance to pamper herself.  She recently brought her mother for eye lash extensions as a birthday present


A match made in haven …..

Kristina & James, a senior couple that look beautifully in love and inseparable as they spend so much quality time together.  They both have bad in-growth toes nails that needed meticulous and regular treatment.  They were referred by a friend and came to the OPN salon, asking for Wendy.   Wendy was patient and meticulous and ensured they both had VIP service while fixing their respective toe nails.   This beautiful romantic couple has been coming regularly to OPN for the last 4 years, always asking for Wendy and consistently get exceptional treatment, especially the feet Massage.  They share theirs anniversary with us and coming every month for pedicure and Kristina also get manicure done.


Loyalty to exceptional OPN service

When Wendy bought the business there was an existing client named Natalia.  She comes every two weeks to get her acrylic nails done. Her nail beds are very small and they were harder to work on. That’s why she comes more frequently than all other clients. She understands that her nails are hard to work on and we sometimes spent up to two hours on her nails treatment, instead of the one hour their clients. She is always very appreciative and loyal to the salon. She has been supporting us since the beginning and now she come frequently for her toes as well. She also purchase at Dermalogica skincare.


Building trust …

Tim is diabetic. He is no longer able to cut his toes nails by himself. He went to paediatric to trim toes nails once a while. His wife Marlene is our regular client, she has been wanting him to come to see us to get pedicure for a while.  He was reluctant as he thought it was only for women. 
Once he came to pick up his wife, she asked us to have a look at his feet to see how we can help. He was nervously showing us his feet. He has overgrown toes nails and lots of dead skin. This invaded the nail beds due to lack of maintenance. 
I suggested a pedicure with extra skin care around the toes nails. He went in with his wife the next appointment. Skin built up so much underneath the toes nails that we had to be ultra-careful to ensure he did not bleed by trimming his toes nails.
 I used cuticle pusher gently to clean off the excess dead skin between his toes nails. 

By shortening his toes nails, I noticed that the over grown skin around his toes can be eliminated with regular clean up. I suggested a pedicure every 3 weeks for the first 3 months, then once a month for maintenance. After 3 pedicures, he noticed that there wasn’t any hanging dead skin around his toes nails. His nails are looking clean and healthy. Now he comes every month with his wife to get mani/pedi done.  
Tim and Marlene trust us to get exceptional care all the time.


Damage Control….

Three years ago, Julia, a grade 12 student, came to OPN with a very bad set of lash extensions that she had done at a very expensive salon. Her eyes lashes looked thick, tangled, with excess of glue and artificial on her eyes. The individual lashes were not separated properly resulting a potential damage to her natural lashes.  Furthermore, she was afraid to touch her eyes because the extensions could poke and hurt her. After careful observation, I have meticulously removed her unprofessionally done eye lash extensions. This had to be done extremely carefully to avoid damaging her natural lashes, especially with the excess of glue that was applied. 
Following this, I have taken 2 hours to professional apply a new set of eye lash extensions. Her eyes immediately felt much better and she was very impressed with the new look.  Since then, all her friends from the school come get their lash extensions done at OPN. OPN Lash extension business has gone five time busier.