Wendy is a licensed Aesthetician. Her specialty includes Gel Nails, Artificial Nails, Manicure/Pedicure, Eyelash Extension and Skincare. Her mission is to provide her clients with Exclusive Care for their Nails, Lash and Skin. She wants her clients to look beautiful to boost their confidence and pamper themselves.

Working for several employers inspired Wendy to own a business and create employment opportunities for people. When she moved to Canada, Wendy dedicated her time to gaining all the relevant knowledge to achieve her dream. Over the last 20 years Wendy has worked in multiple industries including accounting, education, customer service and beauty. When the opportunity came up, Wendy purchased a beauty Salon business and built the business to thrive. Over a couple of years she has tripled her business capacity, through augmenting and training new staff.

Wendy is passionate about providing her clients with meticulous personal care so they can take the stage in their life. She is driven by connecting with people, supporting her staff and contributing to her community. She supports local causes such as schools, nonprofit organizations, fund raising programs to advance education and help families in need.

Wendy is committed to continuous education in business and in her field. She has followed a leadership program to enhance her entrepreneurship skills, team management and client engagement. She continues to follow the latest beauty & nails trends through ongoing training and education for her and her staff.

Wendy is a single mother of two beautiful boys. She loves dancing, travelling and the outdoors. She enjoys quality time with her kids in the beautiful white rock area.

Wendy Pham

Certified Professional Beautician, Owner

Van Pham

Aesthetician and Certified Nails Technician, Co-Owner

My name is Van Pham, I am an Esthetician and nails Technician with nearly 8 years experience. My passion is to provide clients with amazing customer cares as well make them look beautiful. I am co-owner at OPN. I love the OPN community very much because clients here are high quality; they appreciate our service and value our works. OPN is a warm, calming and inviting shop. Everyone works here are like family.

Cassandra Harley

Eyelash Extension Technician

My name is Cassandra Harley. I am an Eye lash technician with over 4 years experience
I love creating. My passion for design and attention to detail has followed me into the beauty industry of lash extensions.
OPN has been a refreshing place to work. The environment is very inviting because the staffs are warm and caring. Everyone works hard and Wendy does a great job at making sure we are all taken care of, client or staff. This makes for a rewarding salon to work at!

Jennifer Davidson

Eyelash Extension Technician

My name is Jennifer Davidson. I am an Eye lash technician with over 3 years experience. My passion is to make women of all ages feel beautiful.

I love working at OPN because everyone who works there are the sweetest people. It feels so comfortable and like my home away from home. Most of all I have never been treated so well from a boss before as Wendy treats me. She is so sweet, caring, generous and most of all loving and treats us like her family.


Esthetician, Nails Technician

My name is Silan M. and I am a certified nail technician and Esthetician. I have been working with OPN for over 3 years, and still going.
I enjoy making people’s finger nails and toe nails look clean and beautiful, especially with nails extension. I love talking to my clients and make them laugh! It makes me happy to see them leave with a smile, happy fingers and happy feet!
Working at OPN has been fabulous. It is a very comfortable and friendly environment, and everyone that also working there are very sweet and easy going. It has been great working with them!

Susan B.

Aesthetician and Nails Technician

My name is Susan B. I am Nail Technician. I have over 10 years experience in nails. My passion is to make everyone look beautiful. I love doing acrylic nails, gel nails especially nail arts and design. OPN has giving me the opportunity to create and learn. I love working at opn because I feel very comfortable, especially everyone here is like my family. The clients value us, the owner is supper nice to us.


Aesthetician, Nails, Lash, Brows Technician

My name is Lan B (Jenni). I am a Nails and Eyelash extension technician with over 7 year’s experience. My specialty is artificial nails and eye lash extension. My first impression of OPN’s friendly working environment. I love working at OPN because of the family atmosphere. There are real strong ties between all and everybody seems so happy!!!


Aesthetician, Nails technician, Lash and Brows Trainer

My name is Sally Ng. I’m a Certified Esthetician with over 4 years experience in Nails. In the fall of 2015 I received an eyelash extension and semi-permanent make up license and an instructing license and has been teaching both since then. I have a commitment to continuing my education in the field and like to attend classes regularly to learn new techniques and industry bests. I love being creative and making people feel beautiful. I love to further my Carrier in Canada as a Technician and a Trainer. OPN have given me the opportunity to work and obtaining Canadian work experience. OPN to me like a family, everyone here are nice and friendly. I hope to have many more years working with OPN. Thank you.


Aesthetician, Nails Technician

My name is Tammy B. I am an Esthetician has over 15 years experience. My co-workers describe me as a pleasant person, soft spoken, has warm but firm touch and lovely smile. My specialties include manicure, pedicure, waxing, and massage. I have been joining OPN Team over 3 years and going as a part timer. I love working at OPN with all lovely ladies. I am inspired by the warm welcome and beautiful smiles from Staffs as well Clients.

Ashley Kular

Front Desk Coordinator

My name is Ashley Kular. I have been working as a receptionist at OPN about 2 years.
I am passionate about social change and equality for all. I am in school for business with that degree I have hopes to create more opportunities in the work place for women and to reduce the economic stratifications that women face in the workplace. I love the being in the outdoors, hiking, going to lakes and camping. I also enjoy travelling, meeting new people of different cultures and reading. I love working at Ocean Park Nails because of all the very different women I work with, whom all have inspired me in some way. We all support, uplift and are there for each other. It is a small business where everyone feels important, equal and get treated more than just employees, to me they are family. The love and care we all have for each other goes beyond work and business. I also love Ocean Park Nails for the loyal cliental whom I have had the privilege of getting to know very well. We are grateful and thank them for their continuous support because it is because of them we all have this incredible opportunity to do what we love in such a great workplace.


Front Desk Coordinator

My name is Lauren. I recently joined OPN team and still going.
I am a front desk coordinator.  I love working at OPN because I’ve been client there for quite awhile and everyone has always been really nice and it seems like a good team to be a part of. I am a team player, work very well with other people and am willing to do my part to make sure everything gets done. My friends and family describe me as a quick learner and I’m very outgoing. I prioritize work responsibilities. Good customer service is my top priority. I am making sure the customer is always happy and satisfied. I would be a great addition to the team because I’m very friendly and willing to learn and help out as much as I can.